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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

About the Course

Computer Science studies the underlying principles and fundamentals of computing.  Computer scientists develop data structures and algorithms and apply them to problems that simulate complex systems.

Focus areas include artificial intelligence, computer architectures, programming languages, networked systems, and distributed computing.


Admission Information

Students who intend to enter the Program will go through the regular admission procedures of ADDU. However students who wish to transfer from previous courses should inquire through the department for grade requirement.

Enrolment Procedure

Enrolment Steps can be found here

Specialization Tracks

Software Engineering

Networking and Communications

Algorithms and Complexity

Intelligent Systems

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Curriculum
Revised Curriculum 2007

First Year

First Semester

Eng 11 Basic Communication Skills 3Units
Socio 111 Society and Culture with Family Planning 3Units
Fil 1 Komunikasyon sa Akademikong Filipino 3Units
Nat Sci 1 Introduction to Biological Sciences 3 Units
Math 111C College Algebra 3 Units
EDP 111C Fundamentals of Computer Software and Applications 3 Units
CS 111 Computer Programming I 3 Units
FYCF 1 First Year Christian Formation 1Units
PE 1 Physical Education 2 Units

Second Semester

Eng 13 Grammar and Composition 3 Units
Theo 111 Jesus Christ and Salvation History 3 Units
Fil 2 Pagbasa at Pagsulat Tungo sa Pananaliksik 3 Units
Lit 1 Literatures of the Philippines 3 Units
Hist 111 Philippine History 3 Units
Math 112C College Trigonometry 3 Units
CS 211 Computer Programming II 3 Units
FYCF 2 First Year Christian Formation 1 Unit
PE 2 Physical Education 2 Units

Second Year

First Semester

Eng 21 Speech Arts 3Units
Theo 121 Church and Sacraments 3 Units
Phys 100/101C Physics for Computer Science 5 Units
Math 211C Calculus for Computer Science 5 Units
Math 422C Discrete Mathematics 3Units
CS 212 Computer Programming III 3Units
PE 3 Physical Education 2Units
NSTP – CWTS 1 National Training Service Program – Civic Welfare Training Service 1 3 Units

Second Semester

Eng 23 Writing Across the Disciplines 3 Units
Math 321C Probability and Statistics 3 Units
Phys 200/201C Basic Electronics 5 Units
CS 221 Data Structure and Algorithms 3Units
CS 231 Programming Languages 3Units
CS 270 Database System I 3 Units
PE 4 Physical Education 2Units
NSTP – CWTS 2 National Training Service Program – Civic Welfare Training Service 2 3 Units


PS 211 Philippine Constitution and Government 3 Units
CS 310A CS Elective I 3 Units
Hum 1 Introduction to Arts Appreciation 3 Units

Third Year

First Semester

Philo 103 Introduction to Philosophy with Logic and Critical Thinking 3 Units
IT 200 Accounting Information System 3 Units
CS 241 Logic Design and Switching Theory 3 Units
CS 283 Theory of Algorithms 3 Units
CS 271 Database Systems II 3 Units
CS 272 Systems Analysis and Design 3 Units
CS 301 Computer Networks I 3 Units

Second Semester

Philo 104 Philosophy of the Human Person 3 Units
Theo 131 Christian Morality and Spirituality 3 Units
CS 251 Operating Systems 3 Units
CS 261 Computer Architecture 3 Units
CS 315 Software Engineering/Major Project 3 Units
CS 318 Methods of Research 3 Units
CS 302 Computer Networks II 3 Units


CS 400 Internship/OJT 6 Units

Fourth Year

First Semester

Philo 106 Philosophy of Religion 3 Units
Theo 141 Christian Commitment and Solidarity 3 Units
Psych 111 General Psychology 3 Units
CS 281 Automata Theory and Compiler Design 3 Units
CS 320 Independent Research/Thesis Writing 3 Units
CS 310B CS Elective II 3 Units

Second Semester

Philo 107C Moral Philosophy 3 Units
Econ 111 Introduction to Economics with Agrarian Reform and Taxation 3 Units
Hist 50 Life and Works of Rizal 3 Units
CS 310C CS Elective III 3 Units
CS 312A Free Elective I 3 Units
CS 312B Free Elective II 3 Units

Career Paths 


Applications Developer

Database Programmer / Designer


Information Security Engineer


Quality Assurance Engineer



System Developer


Systems Analyst

These are the career paths graduates of Computer Science will be able to pursue.

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