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A World of Big Possibilities

Computers are in just about every industry and organisation today.  A career in computing puts you at the heart of the action.  You’ll make computers better, faster, and easier to use.  You’ll apply computing solutions to problems facing the world today.

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Computer Science

Computer Science studies the fundamental principles of computing.  Computer scientists design more efficient programs so computers can solve big problems in business, science, and the environment.

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Information Technology

Information Technology helps people use computers more effectively.  IT specialists select, develop, and manage the best combination of hardware and software to meet the needs of organizations.

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Information Systems

Information Systems studies processes and structures so big organisations can manage their information more efficiently.  Information Systems specialists work with banks, hospitals, governments, and other companies to make sense of their data.

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A career is a progression of your personal and professional development as you take on bigger challenges. Choosing a career in computing gives you great flexibility to move in the world and the opportunity to work with people and technology.

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Why Ateneo de Davao?

Ateneo de Davao is a leading university in Mindanao with a long history of education, research, community engagement, and formation.  We were one of the first schools to offer computer education in Davao City and we proudly carry on this tradition with our continuing commitment to excellence.

Catholic, Jesuit, and Filipino

As a university it is a community engaged in excellent instruction and formation, robust research, and vibrant community service. As Catholic, it proceeds ex corde ecclesiae, from the heart of the Church. As Jesuit, it appropriates the mission of the Society of Jesus and the spirituality of St. Ignatius of Loyola. As Filipino, it prepares students to benefit from, contribute to and engage the global world.


Research figures heavily in Ateneo de Davao’s Computer Studies programs.  Our faculty and students carry out studies in artificial intelligence, data analytics, computer vision, software engineering, and others.  We publish in journals and present in international conferences.


Technopreneurship complements for our academic and research programs.  We guide our students to turn their projects into viable startups.  Many of our graduates have gone on to establish their own technology companies with international partners and clients.

Creative Space

Creative space plays a central role in our teaching philosophy.  We provide our students with facilities to pursue their intellectual passions — robotics, game development, mobile applications, film, music, animation, and graphic arts — and the guidance to integrate these into their program of study.

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If you’d like to prepare for your career in computing in a vibrant and encouraging university setting, please consider Ateneo de Davao.  Our application process is simple.  If you have questions, please contact us; we’d love to hear from you.

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